Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blot to Odin

Hear me, Wild Hunt's Grim Lord, Wish-Father Wandering,
Warg-master, Wolf in Timber Howling,
Wooer of Gunnlod, two ravens following!
Odin, High Lord of the Ancestral Host,
Fare in secret to my fire-lit hall,
Come to your honored seat,
And receive your cup of holy mead.

* * *

This short article contains a form for modern Blots or sacrifices, close to the custom of Blot as it is done in the Idavoll Kindred, but also (I think) representative of most "general" Heathen Blots. It's good for poetic usage as well as a general inspirational model. The Blot itself is for the Sig-Father and Warg-Father, Odin, but the form can be extended for use in Bloting other wights.

Click Here to see it: Blot to Odin


Dave Haxton said...

Very nice, indeed! May I ask why you incorporated personal cleansing? I've seen this practice in several contexts, notably Theodish ones, but have been unable to find firm confirmation of it in the lore itself. Quite probably something I've just missed.
I really enjoy your blogs and writing - keep it up!
May the Shining Gods and Goddesses of Our Folk Guide Your Path and Ward Your Stead,
Dave Haxton

Alfarrin said...

Sæll og blessaður, Dave:

I incorporated personal cleansing for several reasons. First, I've always done it, and we've always done it, almost intuitively or reflexively. I never set out to find a justification for it, but a precedent does exist in the Indo-European world for ritual purity; from Achilles cleansing his libation-cup and his hands before he makes a pouring to Zeus, to the fact that participants at sacrifices had to be washed, all the way up to Grimm's Teutonic mythology discussing the Germanic tribe's veneration for their sacred springs and salt-springs.

I had come across some source- now forgotten, but I'm still looking for it- which said that some Northern Tribesmen bathed in springs before rituals, and I thought it was Tacitus, but now it's missing in action. I'll find it eventually.

I've visited sacred wells and springs. It just makes a deep and organic sense to me to wash in them before I do something that puts me in more direct company with the Gods, even for a short while.

Anonymous said...

To cleans before a heathen ritual, allows one to wash away negative energy that is easily picked up from the world inviroment of peoples negative thoughts. Cleansing and washing before a blot puts the mind into a right frame of mind, and I consider this that if I was to engage in a blot without washing in salt water would be the act of insult to the gods and goddesses that I will commune with, when I invoke them and honour them. I would also call by horn, hallow the ground, then protect the areas by calling the Valkerie, from here then embrace the blot by calling ther Deitys name. If I was not washed and clean. What energy would I be attracting? not a good one and I could be misled and draw into the arena a lokian spirit that would cause me negative chaotic energy. I would not want this so I allways wash and wear clean clothes before a blot and ritual.