Friday, May 08, 2009

Man of Odhinn

Duty is important; perhaps all important, because "duty", while it is a word with many levels of meaning, finally resolves back to what is expected of us as human beings, living in the world of Wyrd which we are always going to be a part of. "Duty" means recognizing what is not optional in our lives. True duties are never really "accepted" by us, taken on by us, or decided by us.

My duty is to the Ancestral way, and to the people that Wyrd has bonded me to in that way. I must strive, in the future, to do as I have spoken of so much in the past, and remember that the way of those True to the Gods is not found in national organizations or umbrella groups; it is found in day-to-day life with family and friends.

I was confused as to what "Asatru" meant and who could use the term, but now the confusion is gone. The term belongs to no one. I know what it means to be "Asatru" in my life, and I have a duty to it. One can't deny their nature; I have seen the darkness in my own nature, the cunning and the unerring ability I have to get into trouble and conflict, and now, I see the hands of the Allfather in it. I'm a man of Odhinn, and nothing in any of the nine worlds can change that.

"Do not fear your destiny; use it!"

Soon, I will be posting an essay regarding the conclusions of H.R. Ellis Davidson about Celtic and Norse religions in old Europe, and the "pattern" that lies behind them all. There is, as she saw, a pattern- and in that discovery, the Old Ways can find a new lease on life. They were never really threatened; but now, they can be understood again, fresh, clear, powerful.