Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We're on an express elevator to Hel- going down

Every day of your life- whether good or bad,
Is one less day you will have to live.
It sounds grim, but it's important;
You aren't going to live forever as you are now.
Some of you who read this now may live many years more.
Hel's servants are already brewing the beer
That some of you may be drinking only a few weeks from now.
What you owe to Skuld-
That debt you owe to life for how you've lived-
You are going to pay it; we all are.
You'll pay it years from now, or weeks from now,
Or days from now. And days are passing rapidly.

Fear will profit you nothing: we don't write the stories of our lives.
You won't live a moment beyond your Fate-woven doom;
It was woven quite a long time ago.
You can live well between now and your walk down the Hel-way,
Or you can live in shame,
Pursuing meaningless goals and wasting more time.
Do what you need to do, today. Do it tonight.
Swear to do it before you see another sun set.
Now is the time to do what your heart says is right.
There may not be another time.

We have arisen into the light of a human life,
But we are quickly falling back again into Hel's shadow.
A blessed few, heroes all, will remain in light,
And their glory will be in everlasting memory.
But the vast crop of men and women,
They will come to rest in the deep,
As quiet and conforming in death as they were in life.
It's all the same to the worms, but not the Gods.
Hero or common man, we are all falling quickly away to Hel.
Don't deceive yourself.
Now is the time to live, love, be truthful, be brave,
To defy the liars, the wicked, and the foolish.
There may not be another time.