Sunday, October 04, 2009

Faining-Galdor for the World of Wyrd

Hail, entire beam-work of the ancient roof of the sky;
Hail, Wyrd-spirit that penetratest from sky to earth,
From bright-homes above to dark-homes below,
And from the broad, plowed earth
Even into the midst of the Nine Worlds,
To the uttermost bounds of Ice-Hel.

Hail, Nornic spirit that fills me and shakest me...
That which shakes the branches of the Needle-Ash,
That which moved the great cow and the father of giants.

Hail, beginning and end of irremovable Nature:
Hail thou whose weaving moves the fire and rime,
The iron and stones, the winds and salty waters,
Those elements which untiringly render service
To the rightful order of All.

Hail, brightly shining Sun of Life,
Whose radiance gladly gifts warmth to all,
Hail, Moon shining from the night-roads
With a white face of fickle brilliance;
Hail all weal-wights of wind and sky,
Hail hap-wights of earth and rushing stream.

Hail great, great incomprehensible web of Wyrd,
Essence of the worlds, formed in a circle.
Hail to you, spinning and twisting in the unseen,
Having the form of water, of earth, of fire,
Of wind, of light, of darkness, of beast, God and man,
Star-glittering, damp-fiery-cold spirit.

As you be forever whole, we will fain know our wholeness.