Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ule's Farmstead

Good day, sacred kindreds all:

I am helping a friend and kinsman to get through the process that we call "Heathen Formation"- the Idavoll Kindred's term for the process of being inducted into Heathen culture and gaining knowledge and insight into our way, before being formally inducted into a community of Heathens.

To help him, I've created another blog called "Ule's Farmstead". I mention it here because some of you may care to view the "perspective essays" that I am writing for him, as his Redesman or Advice-man, during this time of formation. You may consider it a full intro course into the basics of Asatru, as I know it and we know it.

The blog is here: Ule's Farmstead

And currently, two essays are up- one is about "Being True to the Gods" (that's the first one) and the most recent one is called "Faining: Righting and Rowning."

I hope all who are interested get some use out of them. I'm going to keep making posts here, too, of course. But a lot of my Heathen writing time will be going to the Farmstead for the next few months.

Raise the Horns!


Islay said...

Ok my apologies for sounding stupid, but what exactly is a Bjarnharðr?

Is that your friend's name or some title or something that I just don't know about?


Ule said...

Bjarnharðr is the name he is known by in our religious community.