Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As Surely As Wyrd Weaves The World

As surely as Ravens come to feast
After the red rain of battle,
The spirit of me sees with one glaring eye
The truth beyond deception.
I can make crimson cuts on wood,
Manifesting the Runes of power
And shift my shape like Odhinn,
Master of sorcery,
Kin as I am to those who work in the night,
Beyond the boundaries of villages.

As surely as thunder's booming voice
Follows lightning's sharp lash,
The spirit of me wields a hammer
Against the enemies of Gods and men.
I can split the sky with my will
To smite wicked beings,
And make whole a slain animal
With my own hands,
Kin as I am to those who live and die
So that others may live.

As surely as rain falls out of dark skies,
Slaking the thirst of fields,
The spirit of me raises sharp antlers
To defend the generous land.
I can speak to the wights of mounds and trees,
Wander into worlds unseen,
And I know the number of bristles
On every boar's back,
Kin as I am to every beast that wanders every land
And swims every sea.

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