Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Yule Season Arrives!

Fain we come to the Yuletime,
Hap we sing on every holt and howe!
Let the wights of this winter
And all the holy sib join with us
Let all baleful things wend away!

Great Yule-father, Jolnir you are hight
Wanderer under welkin wide and on the wold:
Might and main spread on the gathered folk!
The alfs come in your following,
And toasts are given for all!

Let the Disir consecrate our garth,
Let them protect the newly born and those fey!
For Allfather and these our norns,
To them we sing a holy galdralag
As the Ancestors in times erstwhile.

* * *

The deep night of solstice is upon us,
We have adorned our halls green and red,
Alight we have made the midwinter flames
And tonight feast with our family's dead.

Would that you could be here with us,
Sharing mirth and tales of times before;
The joy of the hidden folk in the long dark,
The fear of the ancients on Selena Moor.

In the ageless cycle of these seasons,
Amid this dark and timeless turning,
You have our gratitude and our blessings
And beloved memory when we set the Yule-fires burning.

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