Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Wisdom of Vaclav Havel

"...This is related to... science as the basis of the modern conception of the world.

The dizzying development of this science, with its unconditional faith in objective reality and its complete dependency on general and rationally knowable laws, led to the birth of modern technological civilization. It is the first civilization in the history of the human race that spans the entire globe and firmly binds together all human societies, submitting them to a common global destiny. It was this science that enabled man, for the first time, to see Earth from space with his own eyes; that is, to see it as another star in the sky.

At the same time, however, the relationship to the world that the modern science fostered and shaped now appears to have exhausted its potential. It is increasingly clear that, strangely, the relationship is missing something. It fails to connect with the most intrinsic nature of reality and with natural human experience. It is now more of a source of disintegration and doubt than a source of integration and meaning. It produces what amounts to a state of schizophrenia: Man as an observer is becoming completely alienated from himself as a being.

Classical modern science described only the surface of things, a single dimension of reality. And the more dogmatically science treated it as the only dimension, as the very essence of reality, the more misleading it became. Today, for instance, we may know immeasurably more about the universe than our ancestors did, and yet, it increasingly seems they knew something more essential about it than we do, something that escapes us. The same thing is true of nature and of ourselves. The more thoroughly all our organs and their functions, their internal structure, and the biochemical reactions that take place within them are described, the more we seem to fail to grasp the spirit, purpose, and meaning of the system that they create together and that we experience as our unique "self".

And thus today we find ourselves in a paradoxical situation. We enjoy all the achievements of modern civilization that have made our physical existence on this earth easier so in many important ways. Yet we do not know exactly what to do with ourselves, where to turn. The world of our experiences seems chaotic, disconnected, confusing. There appear to be no integrating forces, no unified meaning, no true inner understanding of phenomena in our experience of the world. Experts can explain anything in the objective world to us, yet we understand our own lives less and less. In short, we live in the postmodern world, where everything is possible and almost nothing is certain."

-Vaclav Havel

Here's a link to the entire speech from which the above excerpt was drawn:

Vaclav Havel's Speech

This is one of the greatest short speeches I have ever read; I agree with every word of it. I love reading things that sing straight to my heart. This man- Vaclav Havel- is a true master of the art of Being Human. Modern Heathens who feel and understand the need for the sacred in the modern world, threatened as it is by the giantish forces of materialism, need to read his words carefully, and understand the Wyrd of his intent. He has a great wisdom that shines effortlessly from his words.

And when I say "Wyrd", I mean Wyrd- he has an idea he calls the "Anthropic Cosmological Principle", which is the very heart and essence of the MANNAZ Rune, the Mystery of Man. You have to read this to believe it!

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