Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two Bits of Advice

"I have two things I feel the need to tell you. First, for the sake of your own well-being, I ask you to believe in the "all-around goodness" of things in the cosmos, including yourself. This is no invitation to be naive about the dark or dangerous things in the world, but a call for you to embrace trust- you have to trust that the heart of life is not pain or darkness, but freedom and vibrancy, and that all things work out under the direction of a mysterious yet wise unfolding.

Secondly, I ask you to speak to the great Land and Sky as though they were great beings that can hear you- for indeed, They are. You need to pour out your heart to them as though they were cups that could receive every drop of water in the world without overflowing. Some people call this "prayer". Address the Land and the Sky, as well as every spiritual power that you discover in any urge of your soul, or in any awesome display of Nature, in prayer.

Speak also to those you love and who still live, or who have passed into the unseen. This, my friend, is religion in the best sense of the word; through it, you are brought together again with your true family. When you pray, don't hold back; say whatever comes to you, and ask whatever you most need to ask, no matter how silly you think it sounds. The Great Ones enjoy that sort of honesty. Open yourself up to them and keep speaking, daily.

All you need is these two things to get to the next place you are going. Once you get there, these things will continue to help you."


Hecate said...

Lovely and profound.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I so need that right now...truly. My love and I are parting ways and I am so heartsick and feel so alone, I don't want to further burden my friends/family w/the sobbing... Courtesy of Hecate's linking to here the other day, I chanced to come back and I really love this post. Perhaps I will know love again, though with someone else - I just have to trust "the Land and the Sky".
Warm regards and blessings aplenty...
Elspeth Ravenwind